>The Year 2000 was extraordinary. Not because it’s premiere was our celebration of 1st-place in the Sydney Hobart Race – but more importantly because I’d discovered what still to this day feels like ‘home’ – Australia. Sailing the boat I owned at the time – an S&S 34 from Australia to Hawaii in 2000 was the prologue for a decade later!

It seems these things run in ten year cycles – thankfully! Evolution is so practical but I lust after the revolutionary moments that turn the world on it’s head.

If one such instance alone had such impact – it was my Australian mate Linda’s discovery of a certain 16-year-old-sailor – Australian Jessica Watson which brought the new fork in the road.

While prepping another yacht delivery in San Diego – Linda turned everything around when she discovered Jess. Why ?!

Because my long-time mentors – David Dicks (who broke my record) and the distance record-holder – Jon Sanders, would all join together due to something of a coincidence, but one could call fate of the highest order.

One email by Jess had exposed the address of David Dicks – the same Dick’s that had crossed my name off ‘the list’ when he broke my record and now was my race manager, due to Linda’s discovery but mostly Jess !

Which led directly to do the Sydney Hobart Race as a team and more importantly – welcoming Jess home as the new absolute world record holder!

…Proof that everything goes full circle!


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