>True Spirit

Not long until Jessica Watson’s book True Spirit is released! Below excerpt from her website: http://www.JessicaWatson.com.au/

“When I was young I was pretty much afraid of everything…

“I’m not sure when that changed, but Mum tells a story about a day at a family gathering when I was playing with my cousins and my elder sister. They were all holding hands and jumping into a swimming pool, and Mum was watching me closely because I was afraid of water and couldn’t swim. I was five years old.

“I obviously got sick of only watching the game, because as everyone lined up to hold hands for another leap I joined in. Mum says she kept waiting for me to let go but I didn’t. I jumped with everyone else, shrieking and giggling until we hit the water. I sank to the bottom and my uncle rushed to pull me out.

“I wish I could say when it was that I went from being that quiet little girl, tagging along behind the others, to the girl who set off to sail around the world believing completely that with enough dedication she could achieve anything she set her mind to. Somewhere along the way I learnt that if you truly want to live life you have to get involved, pursue your passions and dream big.

“I don’t know when that was and I don’t remember jumping into the pool that day, it is just a story my mum tells. But somewhere between that moment and sailing out of Sydney Harbour on Ella’s Pink Lady, I came to understand what Helen Keller said far better than I can – ‘Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing’.”

-Jessica Watson


One thought on “>True Spirit

  1. >Hello Brian, I am a sailor in the US, and one of the Jessoholics. I have enjoyed finding out about your adventures, and your connection to Jesse. Her book should be an interesting read, to say the least!I have many JW links at http:\\jwatsoninfo.blogspot.com that you might find of interest,especially the early ones.All the best,Richard

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