>Media Stats Jessica Watson

As we all know, Jessica Watson arrived home to a massive welcome – the media stats in the article below written before she even arrived are incredible! She deserves it.


A Sea of green awaits internet conqueror Jessica Watson

MARCH 17, 2010

Solo sailor Jessica Watson can expect to be the centre of attention when she gets home.

Jessica Watson owes a lot to the internet. Enough to fill a large bank account. Not only is the world wide web allowing the Queensland adventuress to communicate with her support team as she becomes the youngest person to solo circumnavigate the globe on treacherous seas, her online presence is creating a global profile that is set to reap her big dollars back on dry land.

More than one million people each week log on to the 16-year-old’s online blog and thousands are members of at least one of Jessica’s four profiles on social media sites, which span the most popular social networking and video sharing tools.
Jessica on the home stretch

Whether it’s the enormity of her quest, the youthfulness of her simply-worded entries or her tales of dolphins, magical sunsets and battles with wild storms at the base of the world that attracts readers, there is no doubt Jessica’s story has captivated the public’s imagination.

It also means she is almost guaranteed to make a fortune from her experience whether or not she sails into Sydney Harbour to complete her journey as planned for late March or early April.
And her management is well aware of the hype.

“Definitely, there’s no question the age, the technology, the world that we live in now [have boosted Jessica’s profile], “spokesman Andrew Fraser told brisbanetimes.com.au.

“[The internet means] a person’s profile can go from nothing to anyone that does anything controversial or inspirational, the whole world can read about it at the click of a button. “There’s no question that that has impacted on the profile of not only Jess but other sporting people. “It’s extraordinary she has a global profile; a million hits a week consistently on the website and they’re from 170 countries.”

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