>The Year 2000 was extraordinary. Not because it’s premiere was our celebration of 1st-place in the Sydney Hobart Race – but more importantly because I’d discovered what still to this day feels like ‘home’ – Australia. Sailing the boat I owned at the time – an S&S 34 from Australia to Hawaii in 2000 was the prologue for a decade later!

It seems these things run in ten year cycles – thankfully! Evolution is so practical but I lust after the revolutionary moments that turn the world on it’s head.

If one such instance alone had such impact – it was my Australian mate Linda’s discovery of a certain 16-year-old-sailor – Australian Jessica Watson which brought the new fork in the road.

While prepping another yacht delivery in San Diego – Linda turned everything around when she discovered Jess. Why ?!

Because my long-time mentors – David Dicks (who broke my record) and the distance record-holder – Jon Sanders, would all join together due to something of a coincidence, but one could call fate of the highest order.

One email by Jess had exposed the address of David Dicks – the same Dick’s that had crossed my name off ‘the list’ when he broke my record and now was my race manager, due to Linda’s discovery but mostly Jess !

Which led directly to do the Sydney Hobart Race as a team and more importantly – welcoming Jess home as the new absolute world record holder!

…Proof that everything goes full circle!


>True Spirit

Not long until Jessica Watson’s book True Spirit is released! Below excerpt from her website: http://www.JessicaWatson.com.au/

“When I was young I was pretty much afraid of everything…

“I’m not sure when that changed, but Mum tells a story about a day at a family gathering when I was playing with my cousins and my elder sister. They were all holding hands and jumping into a swimming pool, and Mum was watching me closely because I was afraid of water and couldn’t swim. I was five years old.

“I obviously got sick of only watching the game, because as everyone lined up to hold hands for another leap I joined in. Mum says she kept waiting for me to let go but I didn’t. I jumped with everyone else, shrieking and giggling until we hit the water. I sank to the bottom and my uncle rushed to pull me out.

“I wish I could say when it was that I went from being that quiet little girl, tagging along behind the others, to the girl who set off to sail around the world believing completely that with enough dedication she could achieve anything she set her mind to. Somewhere along the way I learnt that if you truly want to live life you have to get involved, pursue your passions and dream big.

“I don’t know when that was and I don’t remember jumping into the pool that day, it is just a story my mum tells. But somewhere between that moment and sailing out of Sydney Harbour on Ella’s Pink Lady, I came to understand what Helen Keller said far better than I can – ‘Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing’.”

-Jessica Watson

>Round #3

An emergency flight to Hawaii from Australia for my dad in the hospital – say a prayer he recovers expediantly. Linda Pasquariello and me for our third Pacific crossing of the ‘pond’ together from Hawaii to San Diego aboard the yacht delivery of ‘Les Forces Contrairs’ in July!

>Forks in the Road


The long term battle plan has evolved from the near term sail from Australia to South Africa at the end of the summer. I will import ISIS to Australia as a base near Sydney, team-mate Linda Pasquariello: http://www.wix.com/bjcaldwell/linda13 will buy a boat in the Carribean for her trip and I will pursue the skilled/worker residency visa for Australia, which will enable me to stay in my lead-up toward ultimatly duel- US/Australian citizenship.

Since my first trip down-under when we won the 1999 Sydney Hobart Race aboard Liz Wardley’s Elliot 36ft ‘Phillip’s Foote (aka Dixie Chicken), I have had a love affair with Australia.

With my yearly Hobart jaunts, its a natural relocation of my ‘operating base’ – the Vega 27 ISIS.

>Media Stats Jessica Watson

As we all know, Jessica Watson arrived home to a massive welcome – the media stats in the article below written before she even arrived are incredible! She deserves it.


A Sea of green awaits internet conqueror Jessica Watson

MARCH 17, 2010

Solo sailor Jessica Watson can expect to be the centre of attention when she gets home.

Jessica Watson owes a lot to the internet. Enough to fill a large bank account. Not only is the world wide web allowing the Queensland adventuress to communicate with her support team as she becomes the youngest person to solo circumnavigate the globe on treacherous seas, her online presence is creating a global profile that is set to reap her big dollars back on dry land.

More than one million people each week log on to the 16-year-old’s online blog and thousands are members of at least one of Jessica’s four profiles on social media sites, which span the most popular social networking and video sharing tools.
Jessica on the home stretch

Whether it’s the enormity of her quest, the youthfulness of her simply-worded entries or her tales of dolphins, magical sunsets and battles with wild storms at the base of the world that attracts readers, there is no doubt Jessica’s story has captivated the public’s imagination.

It also means she is almost guaranteed to make a fortune from her experience whether or not she sails into Sydney Harbour to complete her journey as planned for late March or early April.
And her management is well aware of the hype.

“Definitely, there’s no question the age, the technology, the world that we live in now [have boosted Jessica’s profile], “spokesman Andrew Fraser told brisbanetimes.com.au.

“[The internet means] a person’s profile can go from nothing to anyone that does anything controversial or inspirational, the whole world can read about it at the click of a button. “There’s no question that that has impacted on the profile of not only Jess but other sporting people. “It’s extraordinary she has a global profile; a million hits a week consistently on the website and they’re from 170 countries.”

Have a look here: http://www.elixirdigital.com/