>The 2nd merry go ’round


To reach the start of the Mini Transat I will sail around the world a 2nd time! After our second Southern Ocean yacht delivery from Tasmania, the phrase – “Once is not enough”, is truly our catch-phrase.

Linda Pasquariello will buy my base away from France – the Albin Vega 27 “ISIS” to circumnavigate for a non-record pleasure ‘lap’ in January 2011 from Cape Town, South Africa.

To double my available war chest to race in France in 2011, I will set the bounty of cash from the sale aside until come early 2011, when after a yacht delivery – will enable a strong double punch with both the UK & FR Mini Fastnet Races, 1,000-nm qualification before potentially gaining entry to the 2011 Transat 650 solo race from France to Brazil.

If I’m not qualified for 2011, then I will have two more seasons of French racing and Fastents to refine my craft before the real attack in 2015 after a new circumnavigation record on another boat. If I got into the 2011 edition the saying goes that the first participation is for practice anyway.

If I were to go to France now due to our available time-frame and budget – it would allow me to do only one race and the solo qualification when I could use that same funding to double my budget for 2011 and do twice as many races…

Tough but perhaps more prudent. In the meantime, I will sail from Bundaberg, Australia double-handed with Linda to South Africa via the Great Barrier Reef, Whitsunday Islands, Darwin, Cocos Keeling, Mauritius, Reunion and South Africa where I will step off to board the quicksilver to France for the 2011 season… And Linda will begin her solo around the world voyage.

…Thus our current circumnavigation begun last year in Fiji will enable us both to sail around the world twice as we continue on to Fiji when she finishes in South Africa and me the Transat 650 2015 after another solo planetary jaunt with another woman…boat!


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