>Live to fight another day


‘The smart guy is the one thats adaptable and fluid – the dumb one doesn’t learn and keeps going back for more with the same formula hoping for an improved result or something along those lines the saying goes. And not kicking a dead horse but my recent quote below for the ‘Courage Companion’ book imparts influence on my decision as well…

“Success of the trip is, for the most part, is destined for success or failure before it physically begins during the big preliminary conceptual decisions such as routing, type of boat, budget etc.,” B.J. says, “Strategic decisions impact the results and once decided upon and the launch button is pressed, those decisions can’t be retracted.” – bj caldwell

While this indeed has been a winding path to the Transat 650 – I’m in it for the long haul. For me, it’s my overall objective that matters more than a particular skirmish or year.

It’s been a perfect year to date racing in the Rolex Sydney to Hobart Race with Jon Sanders. Where to from here? In my prolonged mini campaign and specifically the Classe Mini – the two big victories to date even if they were not veritable podium wins were my double 5th place results in both the 2003 & ’04 Mini Fastent Races against eighty boats (though I was 1st-placed non-French finisher ;-).

My decision is to consolidate my resources for a stronger approach for 2011 onwards…

The double punch next year is to do both the UK & FR Mini Fastnets which run every other year – thus making 2011 a tempting and vast target. With a few yacht deliveries this summer and a sponsor to boot will make a strong hand of cards to attack.


*Regarding my idea for The Race 650 around the world event for mini 650’s – its on-hold due to interest and economics – time will tell if she returns !


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