>South Australia

>The new feathering prop is fitted to the Farr 40 we’re delivering from Tasmania and the boat-speed is back up to 6-knots at 2300 rpm so we’re back to normal. Thus we’re on stand-bye to sail to Port Lincoln.

Meanwhile, if some thought my idea to stage a mini around the world race/time-trial was crazy: The Race 650 (www.Race650.com), then they should be inspired by Alessandro Di Benedetto: http://www.alessandrodibenedetto.net/ who’s sailing an open 650 nonstop around the world! He is well over three quarters done, with Cape Horn in his gun sights after leaving from where the Vendee Globe starts in Les Sables d’ Olonne, west France.

Not my bag of tea but stopping in exotic and warm ‘cultural pit-stops’ such as Tonga and Cocos Keeling in a stage race such as ‘The Race 650’: http://www.race650.com – sounds better to me! The question remains whether I would use my prototype #433 (above) or a series mini such as the Pogo 2…


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