>Sydney Hobart Update #1


Sydney Hobart – East Coast Coast Current – It’s Ripping….

‘Tidetech’s CSIRO Current GRIB – latest conditions at Green Cape – Rolex Sydney to Hobart Race’ Tidetech

Strong currents of up to 4.5kts could bring boat breaking conditions for Rolex Sydney to Hobart Race

Now is about the time when navigators can begin to get an indication of what conditions to expect for Hobart. Certainly with all the strange weather we seem to have been having this year – (who can forget those dust storms) there has been much dock talk about the possibility of severe or unusual conditions for this year’s race.

Certainly so far this year the current is displaying some extreme behaviour- it was running at 6kts off Coffs Harbour for most of October and Tasmania has been experiencing unusually strong and warm south going currents down both coasts (a problem for lobsters apparently!).

At present a large and powerful eddy is situated close to Green Cape and is sending very strong current of up to 4.5 kts in a South Easterly direction. This could be a boat breaking place to be in strong or gale force SE winds and if the conditions persist, Sydney to Hobart skippers will need to take care.

Computer generated optimal course ’Knows no Fear’ – Rolex Sydney to Hobart Race – Tidetech

With many navigators now using routing software loaded with wind and current data the temptation is to blindly follow the fastest route given by the computer; but as Yendys’ navigator Will Oxley says ‘Just remember, routing knows NO FEAR and will make NO allowance for the very ugly sea state that results when a 4 knot southerly current comes into contact with a strong southerly wind!

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