>2009 Rolex Sydney Hobart


Pictures Above: Top aboard Liz Wardley’s “Phillip’s Foote / Dixie Chicken 1999-’00 Hobart, bottom David Dicks & Jon Sanders

On the tenth anniversary of victory in the 1999 Sydney Hobart Race, I am awaiting the starting gun again.

And thirteen years after Australian David Dicks broke my youngest solo circumnavigation record – he gave me the thumbs up that his mentor, the triple nonstop circumnavigation ‘World Distance Record-holder’ – Jon Sanders, was keen to have me aboard his S&S 39 ‘Perie Banou 2’.

How cool and truly ironic the 18-year old that crushed my record by lapping the planet nonstop just 48-days after I finished in 1996, would send me off on my third ‘Hobart’ with the world’s most experienced solo offshore yachtsman- Jon Sanders!

…Now that I’ve arrived to Bundaberg, Australia from New Caledonia aboard “Isis”, I’ll have to scull a ‘Bundy’ (rum) in memory of when the crew drank a shot from Liz Wardley’s deck shoe in the cabin of “Dixie Chicken” – as she said “We’re going to win – because we can!”

…Our millinium 2000 party on the dock in Tasmania was vindication of her prediction with a 3-second margin of victory!


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