>PT 2012 / Nouvelle Caledonie 2012

>We are very excited to be discussing the possibility of a ‘Pacific Transat 650’ 2012 from Tahiti to Nouvelle Caledonie! This new Pacific version of the traditional Atlantic Mini Transit would be a beautiful trade-wind sleigh-ride with warm and exotic race ‘pit-stops’ in Vava’u, Tonga & New Caledonia.

We have are also looking into whether minis could do the ‘New Caledonia ~ Groupama Race’ 2012 ~ 11-18 Sept: http://www.groupamarace.nc – (600-mile around Nouvelle Caledonia race). A mini sailed the 1st edition of the race in 2008. These events would enable French companies based in the Pacific to enjoy some of the marketing potential of their Atlantic counter-parts. A perfect time-table for the 2012-’13 Race 650.

Brian Caldwell


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