Here we go again… Mich Desj is about to win the Vendee Globe – the 1st to ever do so TWICE… With a race attrition rate of over 70% … 30 boats started and 12 remain! Trench-warfare! Mich even made a return to Sables D’Olonne after a water-ballast tank exploded in the first Bay of Biscay gale- restarted a day later and caught everyone. He’s now led for half the race- incredible…

In the Pacific, it’s our third delivery of the Spencer 65 – “Ragtime” from New Zealand to Los Angeles with a pit-stop in Hawaii to pick up Australian Jessica Watson, the 15-year-old who will next attempt the youngest solo record… Jessica is flying up from Auz to sail “Ragtime” with us.

Next year on Nov 7th, Jessica (www.youngestround.com) will take an S&S34 nonstop, solo & unassisted around the world to break Australian David Dick’s record (who broke mine) as the youngest solo circumnavigator…

Meanwhile, Natasza Caban (www.nataszacaban.com) is halfway thru her solo circumnavigation – now in Cape Town, South Africa- aboard the same S&S34 we double-handed from Australia to Hawaii in the year 2000!